The Guide to Writing Highly-Clickable Headlines

How to quickly & consistently write high-converting headlines for blog posts, videos, emails & more!

Do you spend lots of time writing blog posts, creating YouTube videos, or crafting emails that you think your audience will love... but it feels like nobody clicks on them, opens them, or watches them?

If that's the case, the bad news is: you have a headline problem.

The good news is, writing bad headlines is a common problem, and it's easy to fix.

So let's fix it!


Writing great headlines is about to become your secret weapon in the war for attention.

Before anyone can read your article, watch your video, or click on the hot new offer in your sales email... they have to open it. But your audience has so many different pieces of content competing for their attention at all times, they use headlines as a quick filter to decide what's worth their time and what isn't.

If you don't hook them with a great headline, the rest of your content might as well not even exist because they won't click on it and they'll never see it. Instead, they'll click on something else that they find more interesting, relevant, or compelling.

This makes your headline the most important part of every piece of content you create — yet most people will spend hours on their content and almost no time at all on the actual headline. That's insanity!

You don't need to spend hours writing your headlines. You just need to understand why good headlines work. Once you master the basics, you'll be able to come up with great headlines in minutes, every time!


  • 3 mistakes that most headline writers make, and how to avoid them — Stop making these common mistakes that end up making readers actually ignore your headlines!
  • The reason why certain kinds of headlines get TONS of clicks — Learn what the big difference is between the kinds of headlines that attract tons of traffic vs. headlines that no one pays attention to
  • Proven headline-writing tactics that work every day for news media, popular blogs, email marketers, hit YouTube channels, and more — See how the top marketers, journalists, and content creators (whose income depends on getting lots of inbound traffic) come up with their most-read headlines
  • Easy ways to come up with LOTS of winning headlines for every new piece of content you create — No more writer's block when it comes to making headlines! PLUS, you'll have multiple great headlines that you can split-test to see which ones work best for YOUR audience!
  • How to use your headlines to win (and keep) the attention of YOUR THREE MOST IMPORTANT AUDIENCES — Plus, learn what EACH of these audiences really wants to see when they click on your headlines, and how you can make sure your content delivers so they'll keep coming back for more

This course also includes two special bonuses:

  • Two effective writing exercises so you can start writing better headlines right away
  • A downloadable template filled with OVER 50 CUSTOMIZABLE HEADLINE FORMATS that you can use to create an endless variety of your own headlines — never get stuck for headline ideas ever again!

"I like the personal one-on-one feel. The instruction was sound and explained very well. Overall this is something I would recommend to others who want to improve their ability to drive traffic to their site." — Bryan @ MyBetterMe

"Attention: my friends who are writers! I took this course and it was really informative on everything from blog headlines to email marketing. Get those audiences! " — Amanda @ BOLD Pittsburgh


This course is a series of short videos filled with examples. You can watch the entire course in about an hour. Think of it as a bite-sized power-up that will help you start attracting more new traffic, ASAP!


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I've been helping brands of all kinds tell better stories that delight their customers for nearly 20 years.

From copywriting to video and content marketing, my techniques have boosted site traffic, grown social channels, and strengthened customer loyalty for startups, nonprofits, and CPG brands, including Allovue, Bigelow Tea, CourseArc, DAP Products, Ecover, and many more companies whose names are even father down the alphabet.

You can see more of my storytelling tips and media analysis on my personal blog, where I deconstruct how and why the best (and worst) of pop culture works, from Pixar to The Walking Dead. I currently live in Baltimore, and I spend waaaaay more time than I should on Twitter.

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